3 Proven Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Apr 26, 2023 | Marketing, Strategy

Businesses spend a lot of time on marketing. One of their main goals in developing a marketing strategy is increasing brand awareness.

In fact, 89% of marketers claim brand awareness is their main goal. And for good reason. Although a strong brand is critical to the growth of a company, consumer brand awareness is not always easy to achieve.


What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a combination of consumer recognition and trust in your company or product. The better your brand awareness, the more people will recognize your logo and remember your products and messaging. Companies who have had the most success with brand awareness were able to not only increase recognition, but also distinguish themselves from their competitors.


The importance of brand awareness

A strong brand awareness is important to cultivate as this helps consumers understand, recall, and eventually choose your product. When your target audience is ready to make a purchase, your brand will come to mind. By maintaining a high level of brand awareness, your products and services will generate more sales. It is well known in the industry that when forced to choose between comparable products, consumers prefer brands they recognize over unfamiliar ones.  In fact, 75% of shoppers are more likely to purchase from a company that already knows their name and purchase history.


Increasing Awareness

Once you have your brand identity sorted out, a strategy needs to be laid out for awareness. A strong identity and presence can help put any brand at the top of consumers’ minds. And what better place to make you presence known than through digital channels? According to research, digital interaction influences 70% of purchases, making it a critical component in any brand awareness campaign.


There are countless possibilities to increase your brand awareness, but below are three you can start implementing today.

Partner with brands that already have high brand familiarity

Ask anyone to list trusted or familiar brands and everyone can name at least a few. These companies have worked hard to have their brand known and trusted by so many. Why not use their strong market presence to help increase your own brand awareness? Opportunities occasionally come up to partner with a well-known brand. These should be taken advantage of. Having your brand associated with a brand that is recognized and trusted will increase the likelihood that consumers will think your brand is trustworthy too.

Smaller brand partnerships should also be considered as their audiences are usually loyal and passionate about the brand or product. By working with them, you may be able to gain the trust of an audience that would otherwise not have known about you.

The key to a successful partnership is ensuring your brands and products complement each other.

Host a social media contest or giveaway

Everyone loves free things and having a giveaway is an excellent way to showcase your brand and product. This can come in the form of free samples, limited access, or a free trial. It is much easier to convince consumers to remember and trust you when they’ve had a taste of what you offer. Even if they are aware of your brand, giving them a sample of the product or service, you are offering can deepen that awareness – and spread it to their closest friends at the same time.

Partner with an influencer

Influencer marketing can be a huge opportunity to tap into a brand new, large, and loyal audience. In fact, about 40% of shoppers reported that they purchased something online because they saw it used by an influencer on YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. When choosing an influencer to work with, however, it’s important to choose the right one for your brand. Do your research and find someone who’s content or image is relevant/in line with your own, who has either a large following or a smaller but extremely loyal following – known as micro-influencers, and who garners high rates of positive engagement through comments, responses and likes.

The purpose of the influencer marketing technique is to quickly develop a reputation and credibility for your brand that could otherwise take years to achieve.

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